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Welcome to Church of the Good Shepherd, in Crookhorn, Hampshire. We aim to be a church where you can be yourself, encounter God and live life with a purpose.  You can get a taste for what we are about from this site, but we would much rather meet you.  Come along and join us, you can be assured of a warm welcome.

What’s Sunday Like?

Adults and children get together for a mixture of modern worship, prayers, topical talks and refreshments. Little ones can stay with you during the service, or can go to a crèche. Older children & young people also have their own groups available to them. We are a bunch of ordinary people with plenty of questions just like you.

This Sums Up CoGS

Encountering God : Bringing Transformation

More fun then should be allowed at Fusion for school years 3-6! Listen to talks from COGS wherever you are More than just coffee at CoGS HUB