Children's & Youth Groups

on Sunday Mornings

Every Sunday we provide and environment suitable for all ages.
Once a month we hold an ‘All Together’ service where all ages are encouraged to join in and worship as a body.

During the month of August, we do not run Sunday or midweek children’s groups, to give our leaders the chance to recharge and refresh themselves.

During the rest of the weeks we provide various groups during a service, read more about these below:

Junior Church

Who is it for: Children aged up to 10 years

Junior church is just that, church for our children; each week (except All Together services) we meet together, pray together, worship together and have fun together. Junior Church includes a toddler area for the smallest members of our church.

A typical session would include the following:

  • Prayer
  • Worship
  • Activities
  • Game/s
  • Craft
  • Biblical talk/discussion

We want to empower the kids to make a difference in the world and to extend God’s kingdom.



Who is it for: Young people aged 11-16 years

Note: RE:fuel currently only runs during term times

During a Sunday service (except All Together) we meet together in our den to enjoy biblical discussions and chat about how we live with God in our everyday lives, encouraging individuality and empowering our young people to go out and share the message of the gospel.

If you would like to find out more please contact the church office